• Remembers those lost by name, stories of their lives, and service to City
  • Acknowledges those wounded, both physically and psychologically (many survivors do not want to be recognized by name)
  • Creates a serene setting for quiet reflection, contemplation
  • Engenders empathy, sanctity of life, peace, healing, unity, strength of the community
  • Provides an ability to touch and opportunities to read and learn


  • Accommodates people of all ages and abilities
  • Considers the full experience of the space through an integrated and interactive design
  • Considers appropriateness for the site, including scale and safety
  • Ensures low maintenance through use of permanent materials
  • Provides place to hold commemorations and remembrance ceremonies
  • Team must have a deep understanding of the complexity of this project


  • Park-like, minimalistic
  • Seating options
  • Walls, pavers, hardscapes, lighting, landscape design and functional elements
  • Plant materials, flowers, trees
  • Water feature
  • Mediative, gentle curving path
  • Incorporate the forget-me-not symbol (pending family and survivor input)
  • Possible marker at former Building 2
  • Tactile, texture