Permanent Memorial

We deeply understand that each person affected by this event will need the appropriate time and space to grieve.

As we know, this takes time and is different for everyone. Some might not feel ready to be a part of conversations until months or years while some are ready for action. It is our duty to meet everyone where they are at with empathy, reverence, and provide the appropriate time needed.

Our team is in the early stages of developing a comprehensive approach to the creation and are working closely with a national network of communities affected by similar tragedies to model as we determine how to meet the needs of our families and community while forming our own policies, equitable outreach and input program and memorial timeline. Communication feedback from the families and our community is key while building trust and inclusivity every step of the way.

Survey Results - Memorial and Building 2

2,650 people provided input on initial ideas for a memorial and options for the future use and naming of Building 2.